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A podcast dedicated to wild hog hunting and weekly updates of the hog hunting tournament trail with your host Charlie Lobner. Provides a platform for hog hunters to discuss tactics, styles and strategies through interviews and first hand experience with feral swine. Educates listeners on the issue that derive from the overpopulation of this invasive species and encourages conservation through eradication

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All tournaments will have their rules, costs and payouts identified in detail on their sign up page.

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Prizes &/or payouts will be at the end of each tournament

Do Your Part!

This tournament was created as an effort to fight the war on hogs. We strongly encourage you to participate as we do our part in conservation through eradication.  This invasive species has been a plague on our land for far too long. The feral swine population is currently out of control. It is estimated that we need to be killing 7 out of 10 to manage the population and we are only killing 3 out of 10. Studies have also shown that wild hogs are estimated to have caused $2.5 billion in damages just in the past year alone. Join the fight!