About the True Conservation Tournaments

Conservation through Eradication

True Conservation is dedicated to addressing the problems caused by invasive species, with a current focus on wild hogs (Sus Scrofa), also known as feral swine. These dangerous and destructive creatures are responsible for over $2.5 billion in annual damage across the United States.

Various government entities, such as the USDA, APHIS, FSCP, and NRCS, are working to combat the rapidly growing population of feral swine. However, the population growth remains out of control, with an estimated 10 million wild hogs in the country as of 2022, causing significant damage to crops, property, livestock, and wildlife, as well as soil and water quality.

The True Conservation Solution:
Nationwide Hog Tournaments

To address this overwhelming problem, True Conservation has launched nationwide hog tournaments, enlisting and motivating the world’s largest army—the American Sportsman—to take part in the eradication of feral swine. So far, approximately 30 sportsmen have participated in the tournaments, and about 1,700 feral swine have been eradicated.

While True Hog Hunters Tournament will be an ongoing monthly tournament, other tournaments will be added and/or removed. All ongoing tournament participants will be informed via email when a new tournament is added and the tournament structure and payout will be explained.

How the Tournaments Work

Participants can join the tournaments by purchasing a membership and setting up their smartphones. When hunting or trapping, they must take a picture of the dead hog lying with its head to the left and then another picture from the same angle with the left ear cut off. The photos must be uploaded within 24 hours of being taken through the submission form on the website.

The data collected during the tournaments include location, date, time, and method of kill. This valuable information is essential for understanding and combating the feral swine problem and can be shared with other agencies and universities studying the issue.

Marketing and Outreach

To spread the word about the tournaments and True Conservation’s mission, various marketing channels are employed, such as The Sounder Podcast, trade shows, and social media. 

Tournaments' Impact

So far, the True Hog Hunters tournaments have removed 1,700 wild hogs from 25 counties in Texas and are continuing to grow. To increase the value of the prizes for the top hunters, cash donations and donations of hunting-related items are needed.

By participating in and supporting these tournaments, you can contribute to the vital effort of eradicating feral swine and preserving our environment and wildlife for future generations.

How You Can Help

Current Needs

To continue our mission of eradicating feral swine and ensuring the success of the nationwide hog tournaments, True Conservation needs your support in the following ways:

Cash Donations

Your financial contributions help increase the value of the prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in our tournaments. A higher prize value correlates to more hogs submitted, fostering healthy competition and motivation among participants.

Prize Donations

  • We are also seeking donations of prizes that hunters would be interested in winning. Some examples of items or experiences that can be donated include:

    • White Tail cull hunts, trophy hunts, bird hunts, or fishing trips
    • Corn, protein, supplements, and feeders
    • Deer blinds, tree stands, skinning racks, knives, guns, and other hunting equipment


  • 3 counties in Texas received funds to use for bounties on hogs. That money needs to go towards a State-wide/Nation-wide program. Like True Conservation.
  • The meat from the harvested hogs could go a long way to feed the hungry, feed zoo animals, feed pets.
    • Unfortunately, most of this is illegal (we believe due to the Pork Lobby in DC – not sure)
    • Harvested Feral Swine is legal for personal consumption only. It is illegal to give it to a food bank.
    • Trinity Oaks (501 (c)(3) that we support, takes in White Tail for processing to feed the hungry, but it cannot accept wild hogs.
    • The laws need to change – we cannot do this alone.
    • We are looking for a LEGAL, good use for the meat.

Through True Ballistics, we have access to various outdoor supply wholesale accounts, which allows us to add an additional 20 to 30 percent to the value of the prizes. Your donations are crucial for motivating more hunters to join our cause and contribute to the eradication of feral swine, ultimately protecting our environment and wildlife.

By supporting True Conservation with donations, you are making a significant impact in our efforts to combat the invasive feral swine population and preserve our natural resources for generations to come.