Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my hog photos will not submit?

If your photos will not submit you can try a couple of things. First will be to log in to your profile and go to the submission page and take a photo for submission instead of taking photos directly through your phone camera and uploading them. If this does not work you need to go to your camera settings and turn your GEO Tagging on. This will allow photos to have coordinates traced to where the photo was taken. This information is important to help us determine that multiple competitors are not sharing hog submissions. You may also upload your photos through the Drop Box app. We have learned that most Iphone products work better this way. It is an extra step but it doesn’t take but a few extra seconds per submission.

Why do I have to cut the left ear off of my hog to get credit for submission?

We understand that in many cases, a hunter will leave the carcass of a deceased hog lie. To help eliminate the possibility of a contestant submitting a hog from another hunter that was already submitted, we put in place the ear rule. It is important that the ear be cut cleanly as close to the skull as possible. A clean cut ear will less likely be mistaken for a ripped ear like what may happen from hog dogs.

How can I win prizes in the True Hog Hunters Tournament?

True Hog Hunters Tournament allows everyone an equal chance to win prizes every month by using your tournament fee as a buy in for a raffle. You can not buy extra tickets for the raffle. The only way to obtain extra tickets is by submitting hogs and having them approved. Every hog approved equals 1 extra ticket. For example, if you are entered into the tournament and submit 1 hog that month, you now have 2 tickets in the raffle for the chance at a prize. If you submit 5 hogs in a month, then you now have 6 tickets in the raffle. The goal is to incentivize hunters to irradicate as many hogs as possible but at the same time allow everyone a chance at winning.

What is the difference between the Tournaments?

The only difference in the tournaments is the way prizes are decided.

True Hog Hunters has a raffle where everyone who paid an entry fee has a chance at winning in a raffle and allowing these hunters to add tickets to the raffle by submitting hogs. The more hogs that are submitted and approved per hunter, the better of a chance they have at winning the raffle. No extra tickets will be sold.

Some tourneys will pay cash/prizes based on most hogs while others will assign tickets per approved submission and one for entry fee.

Can I be in multiple tournaments?

Yes, you can be in multiple tournaments as long as the tournaments do not have special rules in place to allow a limited number of contestants or are invitational only.

What are the rules to the True Hog Hunters Tournament?

The rules are simple, do not break the law and be safe. You can hunt anywhere you have the legal right to hunt and you can use any method you are successful at as long as it law abiding. We can not stress safety enough and will not tolerate recklessness. We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to the tournament if cheating or breaking the law occurs. We are not responsible for injuries or repercussions of breaking the law.

Can I submit multiple hogs at once?

All hogs must be submitted 1 at a time. You cannot submit multiple hogs per photo and get credit. The web system is not designed to count hogs per photo, it is designed to count number of photos submitted. 

How can I make a donation to support True Conservation?