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Submission Rules

A submission form is to be filled out for each kill.

Location and Date Timestamp

Location and Date/Timestamp must be turned “on” in your phone settings so that all photos may be tracked. Time, date, and location must be tracked. Failure to be able to track the photos submitted will not count toward your kill count and will be voided.

Photo Requirements

  • All hogs must be dead upon submission.
  • Each hog is submitted with 2 separate photos.
    • The first is of the hog laying on its right side with its head to your left and its tail to your right. Try to fill the photo with the whole hog without cutting any of its body out of the picture.
    • The second is the same photo taken the same way but this time the left ear of the hog needs to be removed. Cut the ear all the way off as close to the skull as possible for visual clarity. We need to see that it is for sure the same hog and that the ear is 100% removed.
  • If for some reason the hogs left ear is already removed due to natural causes and scars or was removed during the hunt due to dogs or a kill shot, submit the hog as is with a description of what happened in the email and cut the right ear off.
  • If the right ear is also missing be sure to list that in the description as well and cut the tail off instead.
  • The 2 photos of the same hog must be taken within 2 minutes of each other as verified with the time/date stamp on your phone.  Failure to take the two pictures within 2 minutes of each other will result in the hog not counting towards your kill count.
  • Failure to cut the ear off completely may also result in the hog not counting toward your kill count.

Submission Form

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Attention IOS Users

You will not be able to upload pictures directly from your photo library. This is due to a securty restriction from Apple that is supposed to help protect your personal information. Unfortunately, it completely strips the EXIF data we require to verify the details. Below you will find a step by step guide of a workaround using dropbox.

  1. You will need dropbox. They have free accounts with minimal space, so you should be able to do this for free.
  2. Get the dropbox app from the apple store here.
  3. Open the dropbox app, and click on the plus at the bottom to “Create” a new file.
  4. Pick “Upload Photos” (You may need to allow dropbox to access all your photos.)
  5. Find and select the photos that you need to submit, and click “Next”.
  6. If you have an option of “Save HEIC Photos As”, make sure it’s set to JPG
  7. Click “Upload” and wait for the file to upload to dropbox.
  8. When you click the Before or After Photo buttons above, choose “Browse” from the dropdown.
  9. Once in browse, you will need to navigate to dropbox. Make sure “Browse” at the bottom is selected, and hit the left arrow button at the top to get to the main browse page. There you should see an option to pick dropbox.
  10. Find your uploaded image and select it.
  11. When you submit the form it should now go through with the proper data intact.